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Life Explained Kickstarter: LET'S MAKE A BOOK!
by ZackBites

This is a message for you. You, who have been reading from the very beginning; you, who have casually clicked over from Reddit for the first time; You, who have paid attention to me only long enough to knock me off my throne of single up-votes. EVERYBODY! 

Okay, now that I have your attention allow me to tell you about my awesome new Kickstarter. Better still, let me show you!

The clock is ticking people, let's make this book a beautiful reality!


Author has Thoughts, Feelings, talks to the people
by ZackBites

O hai!

And then, yeah, so my work has been featured on a blog. It is located at, since I am too inept/lazy to work out the html code by my lonesome without ComicFury holding my hand.

Seems I've attracted quite a few new readers. Welcome! To those who have just started reading and those who have been with me since the beginning, thank you for stroking my ego so very thoroughly. It's nice to know that this whole time I was drawing silly stickmen, a thing was being built. Where does this thing go? I haven't the slightest clue. But I'm immensely thrilled by it.

In the coming months I have big plans for the comic and also big plans as an artist, so watch out for that. 

Because my plans are so amazingly, epically, awesomely big I may find myself a little stretched. If I start to seem like a one-note hack I would hope those of you out there paying attention just give me a little nudge in the comments to keep me grounded.



This blog is empty? Shenanigans!
by ZackBites

Okay, so the good folks at Comic Fury are doing a thing with a thing which means I can't update today's comic. If you are one of the few that have it down that I do my uploads on Tuesday and Thursday then you might be scratching your heads in confusion right now.  Never do fear though, because I'm assuming this business with the updating of the doohickey will be finished and done by tomorrow in which case I will have a shiny fresh new comic for you all to read.

Thanks for your patronage!


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